Let your journeys be defined by a sense of absolute ease, with the VIP soft luggage collection. These bags score high on what matters: lightness of weight, softness of touch and eye-pleasing aesthetics. Spacious and durable too, they are the very essence of contemporary travel.


The VIP Flamingo is superbly geared for modern travel. Its tough polyester and faux dobby nylon can take on the roughest journeys while its striking colour highlights ensure this is done in style. Its expanding quality allows you to carry an extra souvenir or two. All in all, the Flamingo is an eager a traveler as you are.


Simple but super-efficient. That in short is the VIP Verge Plus, a fine example of modern travel done right. The light weight polyester and faux dobby nylon trim fabrics function as a tough shell. The 4-wheel spinner, two front pockets, expandability option and spacious design mean this bag ticks every box contemporary travel.


Get set to rule the travel ways, with the VIP Conquer, a bag designed to put you on top of all situations. The lightweight polyester and faux nylon trim fabrics command tough respect amidst the bumps and grinds of travel. While the extra space and wheel manoeuvrability have you in charge of every modern vacation need. Simply put, the VIP Conquer is your right hand no matter what the journey.